The effectiveness of an SME enterprise depends to a large extent on the contribution of the Financial Management to the financial and investment strategy. The rented CFO actively participates in the formulation and implementation of the business strategy.

A rented CFO can provide services that will allow to develop effective business strategies that produce the optimum financial outcomes. These strategies include implementation at every stage, because so many consultants make recommendations, but recommendations don’t produce results. Action produces results, and that’s the competitive advantage.

As the advisory CFO, EnV will guide a company’s management team through:

financial strategy development,

turnaround & workout management,

business & strategic plan development 

As the consulting CFO, EnV will provide a wide range of essential financial services, including:

Guiding the development of the financial strategy

Upgrading financial reporting system

Coaching the management team


The innovative service of the rented CFO is offered by agreement to SMEs, which do not have their own CFO or do not want to bear the significant permanent costs of such a CFO. They want in this direction, to achieve the lowest possible cost with the best possible services.

Outsourcing VS Hiring

We are living in an on-demand economy, where outsourcing or renting this type of CFO by the hour or month can be an attractive option, which can allow growing companies to acquire the financial oversight, while not getting locked into paying out an expensive- multi-faceted executive compensation package.   

Added Benefits with Less Risk

A CFO can be instrumental in controlling costs, planning, forecasting, investment structuring and advising many other business decisions. Which for many companies, the decisions that get made can either make or break them in terms ever getting to the next level of revenue growth. Another skill or benefit that a CFO can bring to an organization is providing a macro view of the market and the company, which can help the CEO because most don’t have the time or knowledge of this perspective.

Growing a business often reaches a point where you need on demand professional financial advice (analysis) but cannot afford a full-time CFO or controller.

When an owner or CEO collaborates with a financial expert at this level, the team can work together to implement initiatives designed to increase profits and reduce costs for both the long and short term.

The founders of EnV, Elias Chondronikolas and Christos Mikerozis, have a long history of working on the field of accounting and finance. For the past 10 years they have been working with tax offices, startups and large organizations, for every matter that concerns the tax system, possible tax inspections and assistance in everyday issues, that the cooperating business might have during the management of the company, with contact that is constant and continuous, as the tax laws are constantly changing and need for update. Our consulting experience diversifies between consulting roles in some established companies and mentoring some upcoming startups.

Our Core team, includes:

– 2 Business Analysts with expertise in Business Planning

– 2 financial advisors with expertise in Company Establishment

– 1 specialist in M&As (mergers & acquisitions)

– 1 Financial Consultant, expertise in Strategic Analysis

– 3 accountants

– 1 Lawyer

– up to 9 external collaborators in order to “rent” them in companies